The name McGuire has been synonymous with style and elegance for 60 years. Since 1948, McGuire has been internationally known for creating classic furniture of the finest materials. Each piece of furniture is crafted by trained artisans who bend, weave and form every chair, table or accessory by hand. In an era of manufactured furniture, McGuire has forged a new path using best in class materials and a quality of workmanship that is as uncompromising today as it was sixty years ago. Like the exquisite stitching of a French seam, or running your finger over finely engraved stationery, McGuire’s attention to subtle detail is more than a production mandate; it’s a design philosophy.

It’s always been about more than just making furniture. It started with a bold idea: to explore the relationship between outside and inside; between elegance and raw nature. When John and Elinor started their company in 1948 their goal was to reinterpret natural materials into objects of perfect proportion and design. Imaginative and uncompromising, they used best in class materials and adhered to a quality of workmanship that was meticulous. Our mission is to uphold that mantle – to continue to elevate craft to an art form that reflects today’s new definition of luxury. Today, we still delight in doing the things that are unexpected; like serpentine jade pulls, rawhide bindings and joinery methods from classic Chinese furniture. We want our customers to know that every piece of the process is still considered.

Town & Country magazine once wrote, “The story of John and Elinor McGuire and the success of McGuire is a singularly American saga … of a young couple’s imagination, determination, hard work and mutual dedication to values of taste and quality”.

McGuire prides itself on crafting raw nature into a geometry of perfect proportion time and time again, creating symmetry that comes from understanding the balance between form and material. Whether bending sinuous vines into subtle, elegant curves or using century old techniques for copper repoussé, each collection can elevate craft to an art form. Strong lines allow pieces to mix effortlessly with everything from modern forms to antiques.

Many of the original designs by John and Elinor McGuire are classics and remain part of the McGuire collection today. After 60 years, McGuire has the obligation and the privilege to inspire. McGuire commissions some of the world’s most respected designers and rising stars to create collections that add a depth and a personality to the brand, yet still feel timeless. We are committed to exceptional design, raw materials and contemporary forms and will continue work to realize this vision year after year.

The art of McGuire is at once simple, sophisticated and timeless; each piece is imbued with the versatility and vitality that are the essence of good design. Not only do McGuire designs adapt readily to the spirit of the time, place and lifestyle, their superlative materials, finishes and custom detailing enhance any gracious room setting. For those who respect inherent value, McGuire’s incomparable individuality, aesthetics and quality mark the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Quality comes in many forms beyond the scope of the material and craftsmanship. We strive to seek out talented designers who share our curiosity and passion to remain relevant and interesting. We will continue to push the boundaries of design and materials, allowing us to expand into new categories that help better serve our customer’s lives. We want to participate in global issues like sustainability. In the end, we know to be worthy of the McGuire name it has to be about more than just making furniture.